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Knysna/Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas


The Knysna Quays :

The Knysna Quays is a private security estate, right next to the Knysna Waterfront.
It was built in 1998/2000, and investors have had incredible capital growth on these properties.
It is a very popular destination for holidaymakers and businessmen frequenting Knysna.
There are 2 apartment blocks : South Quay and Quay West – as the names suggests, one is on the Southern Side (so all apartments face north), and one is on the western side, and most of the apartments face east. Each apartment block has secure under-cover parking, (normally either 2 or 3 parking bays per apartment). 

Not all apartments have their own moorings.
The main residential area of the Quays has 2 entrances : the one entrance is on the Waterfront side, which is manned by security. The other entrance on the South side is for residents only – there is no security guard there, and access is by remote only. 
The houses in the Quays range from 2 bedroom units up to 4 bedroom units, and almost all of them have double garages. Most of the houses have their own moorings, even those which do not have canal frontage. Some of the houses have their own swimming pools. Not all the houses are free-standing - some are joined.


Main Benefits of the Knysna Quays :

  1. The Knysna Waterfront is right next door, with its array of restaurants and shops.
  2. The moorings are large, and can handle boats with a deep draught, including yachts.
  3. Security is quite good in the development.
  4. Knysna CBD is a 5 minute walk.
  5. The units are generally well built with good finishes.
  6. The development is well maintained.
  7. A very active rental pool with hands on management has proven to be very lucrative for property owners in the Quays.

Property prices :

A one bedroom apartment would cost approximately R1.6M.

A two bedroom apartment would cost approximately R1.8M to R2.2M.

A house with 2 bedrooms and a loft bedroom would cost approximately R2.6M to R3.3M.

A larger 3 bedroom unit would cost from between  R3.5M to R R3.8M.

A 4 bedroom unit would cost from R4.5M to R6.0M.

All prices will vary considerably with position.


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