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Knysna/Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas


Leisure Isle :

Leisure Isle consists of one main Island, connected to the Mainland by a causeway – there is thus only one entrance onto Leisure Isle for cars and pedestrians.
Residents enjoy the tranquil lush environment of this almost tropical island.
The water surrounding the island is quite often very clear with a touch of turquoise, particularly around Bollard Bay – the main swimming beach on the island.

Leisure Isle is ideal for permanent residents (of which there are quite a few) as well as for holidaymakers. This peaceful environment with its narrow tree-lined streets, offers many kilometers of flat roads and pathways for jogging, walking and cycling. There are many sport facilities on the island, including tennis courts, a bowling green, small boat harbour etc.
There is a very small commercial component on Leisure Isle, so residents would do most of their shopping in Knysna itself.

Main Benefits of Leisure Isle :

  1. Although Leisure Isle is not a security estate, residents on the island have a very good security system in place : the one entrance onto the island is monitored by cameras – everyone entering and leaving the island is caught on camera ; roaming security guards etc.
  2. There is a nature reserve for walking.
  3. There is a small boat harbor on the island.
  4. Very good swimming beach.
  5. Excellent for children.
  6. Great for cycling and jogging.
  7. Sports facilities.

Property prices :
Leisure Isle has a proven track record that good capital growth can be expected by investors.
Over the past few years, many investors have purchased “fixer-uppers”, restored them or rebuilt them completely, with excellent returns.
A small “fixer upper” could cost anything from R2.5M up to R4M, depending on size and condition.
A small 3 bedroom home can cost typically R3M to R4M.
Larger homes with a large stand should cost approximately R5M, but vary considerably according to position and their condition.
Properties on the lagoon-front, could cost from R10M to R25M.
There are also modern apartments available : a 3 bedroom apartment should cost from R1.8M to R2.2M.




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