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Knysna/Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas


Central :

Knysna Central houses both the old and the new : from modern shopping centres to quaint old homes from  a bygone era.
Any buildings over 60 years old, may not be broken down or changed on the outside. This is to try and preserve what heritage is left in Knysna, and thereby also preserving the character of the town.

There is a lot of history attached to Knysna, and many of the buildings still standing today can be linked directly to famous individuals from the past – many of their descendants are still living in Knysna today.
Upper Central (above the Main Street) : this area has generally remained residential, and there are some new and old blocks of apartments there.
Lower Central (on the lagoon side of Main Street), is where most of the business is Knysna is conducted. Many of the old homes have been converted into business and office premises, doctors consulting rooms, showrooms and even restaurants. There are numerous blocks of apartments in this area, many of them built within the past 5 years. Most of the properties in this area can be rezoned to business or commercial, or a mix of business and residential ; in other words, many of the properties in Lower Central can be developed.

Property prices :
Property prices in Central vary greatly according to the position and zoning of the stands.

Below is an indication of what you can expect to pay in Central.

Apartments :
One bedroom 1 bathroom : +- R450 000 to R600 000
Two bedroom 1 bathroom : +- R600 000 to R850 000
Three  bedroom 2 bathroom : +- R850 000 to R1.2M.

Upper central :
Houses :
Small homes eg 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms plus flat-let, can be as low as R950 000 to R1.1M.
Larger more modern homes can sell for R1.2M to R1.5M.

Lower central :

Houses :
Small houses are normally marketed at R1.2M to R1.5M, but if they are on a large stand, they are normally marketed at R1.8M to R2.4M.
Vacant stands :
There are also a few vacant stands in lower central, and they are marketed at +-R2.0M for a 2000sqm stand.

Commercial :
Most of the commercial properties in Central are marketed at a ROI of 5 to 8%, which is lower than most other centres. Most sellers however have to drop their prices to get these sold at such a low ROI.



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