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Knysna/Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas


Belvidere :

Situated on the edge of the lagoon, on the western side of Knysna, Belvidere is about 10 minute drive from the centre of Knysna, along the new lagoon road. It is a well established area with large trees, spacious gardens and a large communal mooring area for those wanting to enjoy water-sports.

There are two sections to Belvidere : Old Belvidere, and Belvidere Estate.
Old Belvidere has one or two very historical buildings on it, including the old hotel, built in the mid-1800's, as well as the beautiful stone church.

Belvidere Estate is where newer homes are found, but also has a very old hotel, the Belvidere Manor, which still functions as a hotel with its own restaurant and pub. Although many of the homes are not very old, the developers have managed to retain the old charm of the area.

There is a no retail development in Belvidere.

Benefits of Belvidere :

  1. You will be living in a very upmarket area, away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

  2. Belvidere is not a thoroughfare to another area, so it is a low traffic zone.
  3. Brenton on Sea beach is a 10 minute drive away.
  4. The estate is neat and well-managed.
  5. The suburb gives a feeling of space and tranquility.
  6. It is a good area for water sports.
  7. A large communal mooring with slipway ensures easy access to the lagoon.


Property prices :

Homes generally vary in price quite a bit, and start at about R2M, going up to about R8M. You can buy a spacious home with lagoon views on the edge of the lagoon for about R5M to R6M. Recently, property in Belvidere has gained the reputation of good value for money.


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