Independent Property Broker and Consultant

Knysna/Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas


Why independent :

After being in this industry for five years, I have finally decided to become an independent property consultant, and work for myself.

In today's tough world of business, one has to be flexible and adapt quickly to the market conditions. I found that working for a larger organization was too restrictive : I was limited to certain areas, and only certain channels of communication. I believe that I can provide a better and more efficient service to clients if I can work on my own. Confidentiality and one-on-one consultation seem to be preferred by clients.

Furthermore, clients will receive a more personal and confidential service, and in this way I should attract the more serious buyer. Clients can then get more detail, un-biased information and an expert opinion about the property and the area before making the investment. My personal belief is that the industry has changed quite dramatically over the past few years, and this is mainly thanks to society and market forces, but also due to legislation :

  • The new credit act has curbed spending dramatically – bonds are still very difficult to obtain -  the main approval criteria being monthly income.
  • Technology : e-mail, internet and the amount of information available to agents and the public – lots of it for free.
  • All agents have to go for re-evaluation by the end of 2011 – some agents will have to re-qualify, others will be exempted. This is an attempt to clean up the industry, and ensure all agents are properly evaluated and qualified.
  • Buying property has become hazardous – a mistake can cost you dearly in years to come – expensive repairs; cannot recoup capital; projected return on investment are not met; difficult to resell (bad area, or paid too much).
  •  The new consumer protection act, to be implemented shortly : this is to protect consumers, particularly when buying from developers, but also private sales.




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